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Our Garden

There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments

We share the garden. Ciaran grows and Muiread weeds. Our guests enjoy the outcome. Ever since we arrived at Rhedyn Ciaran has been steadily reducing the size of the lawn. First it was the greenhouse. This was followed by a couple of raised beds in front of it. The next year they were joined by a polytunnel, and then two more raised beds right in the heart of the lawn. Two years later and six more beds have invaded the lawn, all built with a double height of sleepers. Now there is very little lawn left to mow. Hurrah says Ciaran.

We decide together what Muiread wants for the kitchen and Ciaran grows them, or tries to. Most years we produce lots of beetroots, carrots, fennel, shallots, spring onions, a whole range of lettuces and watercresss. And of course, Pak Choi, Celeriac, peas, and runner beans. Each year we decide that we hadn’t grown enough of anything and we look to find other areas to grow in.
Whenever the crops are abundant Ciaran takes the credit, if they fail, well, it was probably a bad batch of seeds, or the weather, or an invasion of some pests. That’s the beauty of gardening, all credit and no blame.


  Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes.” Anon.

Come into The Garden









The welsh word for fern is ‘Rhedyn’. In years gone by our front field was covered in fern. It has now been turned to grass for sheep and cattle to graze on. We try to keep the namesake alive and have planted many ferns in the garden. Not all have survived.






Muiread would like to convert the driveway to gravel and insert a cattle grid at the gate (or is it called a sheep grid?). Ciaran is not so sure. He is thinking gravel/wheelbarrow?!! A new, better greenhouse, more tables and chairs, are on the shopping list as well as some good summer weather.

vegetables in raised bed