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This month we have managed to harvest a whole range of fantastic vegetables. We are still working through the potatoes and turnips. I have so enjoyed picking fresh peas - there are still some left, and the beetroot are in their prime. This week we started in on the runner beans - I have a cluster of them growing in two of the beds, separated by my raspberries.

Second year in the ground and this season is giving us even more fruit. Got to get there before the birds. We are still getting lots of courgettes, and I have high hopes for the butternut squash which seem to have put on a few more inches every time I take a look.
runnerbeansweb  raspberriesweb  squashweb
Sadly, my excitement about the Florence Fennel and the Celeriac has turned to disappointment. The Fennel had all gone to seed, and when I picked them, all I had were tall hollow stems with no bulbs at the bottom. And the celeriac was all twisted roots with no solid ball. I haven't given up on them yet but I am not too optimistic.
Inside the polytunnel I have stripped the tomatoes of all the extra leaves, giving them as much a chance as possible to grow and ripen before the cold weather arrives. The beef tomatoes near the door are doing best of all. And alongside them is a lemon grass plant which I have nurtured from a tiny slip to the size it is now. Note to self - must pick a stem and get Muiread to give it a try soon.
tomatoesweb  lemongrassweb  basilweb

As for the coming months, I am still searching round for something to grow in the polytunnel, I have chosen the new greenhouse which will replace the dilapadated cheap one which is in such a bad state it won't make it through this coming winter. I spotted this wonderful selection of spades and forks at the Llangynidr show, don't they look fantastic! Must remember to clean up my tools after use.